Polish Course
Above Beginner Level
Polish for Beginners
Polish Course for Beginners

Polish Courses for Beginners

Learning Polish is easy and fun!

Whether you never studied Polish or have had a limited exposure to the language our Polish Courses for Beginners are ideal for you.

Sign up now and start learning Polish phrases straight away.

Polish Translations

Polish Translations

We specialise in Polish translations.

We specialise in Polish translations - from any language to Polish and from Polish to any language.

Polish Above Beginner Level

Polish Courses above Beginner

I am brushing up on my Polish.

You already can speak some Polish language. So now it's time to master it all.

Learning Polish Language with other students is always fun and you will enjoy our role plays, dialogues and games.

We promise to teach you useful social phrases so that you can impress your Polish friends or in-laws.

We promise to explain Polish grammar in an easy way and give you simple tips on how to find your way out of the labyrinth of Polish endings.

We promise to touch on Polish culture too so that you know how to make Polish friends and avoid making faux pas.

And every couple of weeks we will take you to a London-based Polish restaurant where you will have to place your order in Polish! A piece of cake!

Other Info:

  • Missed a starting date? Not to worry. You can still join it. Simply get in touch with us.
  • Small groups with up to 7 students, meaning that you can talk and talk ... in Polish of course.
  • Don’t worry if you have to miss your class - we will email you your lesson update or you can book a make-up class at £20/55 min.
  • Courses based on "Hurra! Po polsku 1" and "Hurra! Po polsku 2"
  • Course book not included in the course fee. You can purchase it at £25 from us.
  • New Polish courses start every month.

Course Content:

All levels in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

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Other Learning Options:

If you find it difficult to commit to a couple of weeks of a group course our Polish One-to-One Lessons in London with flexible timing might be the best option. We will teach you useful phrases that will help you to get by in Poland or with your Polish friends.

If you have Polish Business Partners we offer Polish Language for Business and Cultural Awareness Training.

Polish for Children is designed for kids of Polish background. Our friendly teacher will come to your home and will make the learning process fun for your kid.

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Intermediate Course

for student who completed about 150 hours

Wed 6-7.30pm, from 2nd of September,  
24-hour Intermediate Course split into 16 weeks
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Improver Module 2 Course

for students who completed about 75 hours

Mon 6-7.30pm, from 17th of August,  
24hour Improver Module 2 Course split into 16 weeks
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