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Polish Improver Courses in London


This course has been designed by Daria Gabryanczyk - the author of the best-selling book "Polish for Dummies".


We have a couple of courses running which are not listed here. Please do get in touch if you already know some Polish and would like to join in - we will assess your level and invite you to a free tester lesson in order to find you a suitable group.

Course description:
Ideal for students who completed a 50-hour course or those who already know basic cases, present and past tense and can hold a very limited conversation.


We offer 2 types of courses for this level: a longer 24-hour course split over 16 weeks and a shorter 8-hour course split over 8 weeks (for those who prefer to learn in shorter blocks). Please be advised that within the 8-hour course you will cover a proportion of the content below.

Course book:
We use "Hurra! Po polsku 1" by A. Szymkiewicz & M. Malolepsza. During the 24-hour course you will cover lessons 11 to 15 (or a proportion of it as in the case of the 8-hour course). You can purchase the book from us at £25.

Course content:

  • Plans for the future, expressing wishes
  • Buying a mobile phone
  • I think I'm lost - you will learn how to get the help you need when you can't find your way around 
  • World directions, tourist attractions
  • Getting there and getting around - all you need to know about the railway, bus station, airport, hotel, campsite, travel agency situations.
  • Let's go on (Polish) holiday! - all essentials about where to go, with whom, when, what to do etc.
  • Flats - rooms, furniture
  • I'm leaving for good - we will teach you how to rent a flat in Polish
  • Whatever the weather - you will learn to talk about the weather and seasons of the year
  • At the doctor's - registering with the clinic, visiting the doctor, giving advice, parts of the body and symptoms of illnesses etc.

We are based in central London, only a couple of minutes walk from Chancery Lane (Central Line) and Farringdon tube (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines) and railway stations, enabling easy access from anywhere in London.14 Leather Lane, EC1N 7SU, London


You are entitled to a full refund in case your course gets cancelled. We will sort out your refund right away back to your card. Please be advised that we offer no refund for any unattended classes. Once you sign up for a course you will not be able to transfer money towards individual lessons or any other product advertised on our website, nor will you be offered any refund. However, we may be able to offer placement in an alternative group in case you change your mind (subject to availability).

Other info:

      • Missed a starting date? Not to worry. You can still join in and pay for the remaining weeks. Simply get in touch with us.
      • Small groups with up to 7 students, meaning that you can talk and talk ... in Polish of course.
      • Don’t worry if you have to miss your class - we will email you your lesson update or you can book a make-up class at £35/hour.
      • Course book not included in the course fee. You can purchase it from us at £25.
      • New Polish courses start every month.


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