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How we Teach

Teaching Methods and Materials

Here you can read about what makes our Polish Courses exceptional. Everything you always wanted to know about the way we teach but were afraid to ask.

Teaching Methods

We are proud to be teaching Polish Language in London since 2003. Year by year we welcome more and more people interested in learning this tricky language. Our curriculum focuses on everyday speech and basic expressions, which we supplement as the course progresses. During the first lesson our students learn to greet others, say goodbye, introduce themselves, ask simple questions about where they come from or where they live etc. They do that through dialogues, activation games, and listening exercises. /This variety allows us to turn learning into a fun activity with learning occurring almost subconsciously, which is even more effective.

Grammar follows later in the first course and is always presented against a specific topic. We avoid boring and difficult grammar exercises as we prefer activation games. When playing them our students certainly practice grammar; but most of all, they repeat and memorise entire phrases.

The course programme is divided into themes such as telephone conversations, in the restaurant, at the airport and railway station, in the shop, asking for directions, hotel dialogues etc.

We touch upon Polish culture and traditions too, of course; and we quite often arrange for outings to Polish restaurants in London, where our students must place their orders in Polish.