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Can Polish be Simple and Fun?

Polish Beginner Courses in London

Everyone with absolutely no knowledge of Polish is very welcome to come and check out our Polish Courses for Beginners. If you already know some Polish but haven't had a chance to try regular classes, this is most likely the right level for you too. Let us take you through some of the basics of this truly beautiful language so that you can impress your loved ones, connect with your family or enjoy visiting Poland.
We offer evening, weekend, lunch time, morning or one week Polish courses so depending on your schedule and how frequently you wish to learn Polish you will surely find a course suitable for yourself. Simply click on a type of course you are interested in the below collection to see timetables and all the details.
We open new Polish groups every month, even during the Summer when we offer short and intensive Polish Summer Courses. The majority of our courses start in Autumn - September & October and in Spring - April & May. If you missed a starting date don't worry - you can still join in as we offer catch-up lessons that will get you up to speed with the rest of the group! We welcome students all year round so simply get in touch whenever you want to get started and we will get you on board.

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