Terms & Conditions/Refunds

Group Courses

Missing a class
We understand that missing a class is sometimes unavoidable.

In order to help you to catch up on a missed class we will email you information about the topics and pages you need to cover before your next class. You may wish to consider booking an additional individual catch-up lesson with one of our teachers, who will get you up to speed with everything. The fee is £35/hour and you can book it here (please select "tester lesson").

We are unable to offer you a space in another group, so that you can catch up on a missed session. The reason is simple - often we don't have two groups at the very same level at a particular time. We also think that inviting students from other groups may disrupt the peace of a particular class and may cause inconvenience to our students. We hope you will understand.

Take your time when booking a course as we offer no refund in case you change your mind for whatever reason.

It works similarly to plane ticket reservation. Once you sign up for a course your space is secured and it will not be offered to anyone else. From that moment you will not be able to transfer money towards individual lessons or any other product advertised on our website, nor to request a refund. This is down to the fact that we have limited spaces available in each group (maximum 7) and we want to ensure that once a course is confirmed we can run it for the promised number of weeks with no disruption to our students.

Please be advised that we offer no refund for any unattended classes (see section “Missing a class”).

You are entitled to full refund in case your course gets cancelled due to low numbers. You will be offered alternatives and in case nothing suitable we will sort out your refund right away back to your original method of payment. 

If after the first group class you decided that you need to move a level up or down we may be able to offer placement in an alternative group (subject to your level assessment and group availability).

One-to-One Lessons

The timing of your lessons is flexible and you can arrange them on a week-by-week basis with as little as one day notice, so no worries if your timetable is rather unpredictable. You can also request to have all lessons at a particular time in which case we will lock it for you until further notice.

Once your lesson is booked, paid for and confirmed, the time slot of your choice is secured and we will not offer it to any other student.

Please be advised that we require an upfront payment before we can lock a time slot for you.

We are happy to teach you from as early as 8am until 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am-6pm on Saturday. Monday to Thursday evenings (6-9pm) are particularly busy and are mainly reserved for group sessions. We might offer you an evening time slot if available for a temporary period only.

Cancellation policy
If you know you no longer can make it to your lesson please do get in touch with us via email or phone immediately and follow our Cancellation policy:

It is so easy to reschedule classes free of charge! Remember to email or text us by 10am one working day before your class was scheduled for (Monday lessons need to be cancelled by 10 am on Friday) and it will be done for you free of charge. However, if you miss the 10am deadline, you will have to cover the costs of the class in full with no exceptions. If your lesson was planned for more than 1 hour you will be charged for the whole time slot.

Valid for
Your lessons are valid for 1 year from the day of purchase and we offer no refund for any unused classes. Please consider our price plans carefully and pick one that suits you best. Make sure you use your classes within 12 months. No reminder will be issued.

Switching to a group course
If at some point, for whatever reason, you may decide to switch to one of our group courses, we can transfer money for any unused individual lessons towards a group course of your choice. We will add £40 admin costs to your bill.

Having two teachers
Most of our students like to have lessons with the same teacher but some prefer to learn the language from two teachers. That’s fine by us.

Group Courses & One-to-One Lessons

We may very occasionally need to cancel your lesson due to teacher’s sickness or an emergency. These are very rare occasions. We will inform you immediately when your teacher is unable to come to your lesson. If possible, we will arrange a substitution or offer you alternative time slots, so that you will not loose this lesson. We will not be able to offer you any additional free lessons.

Change of teachers
In rare occasions such as a sudden change in your or our schedule, personal circumstances, maternity leave or end of contract we may need to change your teacher. It’s our job to make sure the transition is smooth and causes no disruption to your lessons. 

If you are a 1-2-1 student you will be offered to take a trial lesson with one or two teachers, so that you can choose who's teaching style works best for you.

None compete agreement
We are lucky to have amazing and trustworthy students and we would like to make this request to refrain from approaching our teachers with private teaching arrangements. This would put them in a difficult position as our teachers are contractually obliged not to work directly or indirectly with the clients of 2ndLanguage while being our teachers and for 12 months after their departure. We hope you will understand.

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