Morning Polish Beginner Course

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Designed by Daria Gabryanczyk - the author of the best-selling book "Polish for Dummies"!

Everyone with absolutely no knowledge of Polish is very welcome to come and check out our Polish Courses for Beginners. If you already know some Polish but haven't had a chance to try regular classes, this is most likely the right level for you too. Let us take you through some of the basics of this truly beautiful language so that you can impress your loved ones, connect with your family or enjoy visiting Poland.
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Why Learning Online?
The advantages of learning Polish online are numerous! You can learn from anywhere, be it your home, office, holiday hotel or cafeteria. You can learn at any time as we have teachers located in different time zones. You can save time (and money) on commute and interact with your teacher as if you were in the same room.
How it works?
The set up for Online Polish Lessons is easy as we use a popular videoconferencing software package available across all devices. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with access to the internet. We will help you with the setup in advance, no worries!
Course description
Get a taste of Polish with our Polish Courses for complete beginners. Suitable for everyone who has never studied Polish or those who have had a limited exposure to the language. After this course you will be able to impress your loved ones and Polish friends with plenty new Polish phrases! And we will do our best to make you fall in love with this truly beautiful language. Learn basic Polish expressions and have a lot of fun when practising them with fellow students.
Course book
We use "Hurra! Po polsku 1" by A. Szymkiewicz & M. Malolepsza. You can purchase it from us at £35. Within our 21-hour Beginner Course you will cover chapters 0-4. If you go for a bit shorter course, you will cover a proportion of the below content.
Course Content
  • Let’s get to know each other - you will learn simple expressions on how to introduce yourself and others, how to greet people, say good-byes, ask for telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses.
  • Myself and people around me - you will learn to talk about your nationality, languages you speak, country you come from, profession and many more.
  • Asking for information: telephone number, address, age, e-mail address, nationality etc.
  • My girlfriend is tall and pretty - you will learn to describe people, eg. to say how wonderful your Polish partner is.
  • Free time and my hobbies - you will be talking about your interests and ways of spending time outside the office.
  • We will touch on some basic grammar but don’t worry - we do not want to scare you off!
Missing a class
We understand that missing a class is sometimes unavoidable. In order to help you to catch up on a missed class we will email you information about the topics and pages you need to cover before your next class. You may wish to consider booking an additional individual catch-up lesson with one of our teachers, who will get you up to speed with everything. The fee is £39/hour and you can book it here (please select "catch-up lesson"). We are unable to offer you a space in another group, so that you can catch up on a missed session. The reason is simple - often we don't have two groups at the very same level at a particular time. We also think that inviting students from other groups may disrupt the peace of a particular class and may cause inconvenience to our students. We hope you will understand.
Take your time when booking a course as we offer no refund in case you change your mind for whatever reason. It works similarly to plane ticket reservation. Once you sign up for a course your space is secured and it will not be offered to anyone else. From that moment you will not be able to transfer money towards individual lessons or any other product advertised on our website, nor to request a refund. This is down to the fact that we have limited spaces available in each group (maximum 7) and we want to ensure that once a course is confirmed we can run it for the promised number of weeks with no disruption to our students. Please be advised that we offer no refund for any unattended classes (see section “Missing a class”). You are entitled to full refund in case your course gets cancelled due to low numbers. You will be offered alternatives and in case nothing suitable we will sort out your refund right away back to your original method of payment. If after the first group class you decided that you need to move a level up or down we may be able to offer placement in an alternative group (subject to your level assessment and group availability).
Other info
  • Missed a starting date? Not to worry. You can still join in and pay for the remaining weeks. Simply get in touch with us.
  • Small groups with up to 7 students, meaning that you can talk and talk ... in Polish of course.
  • Don’t worry if you have to miss your class - we will email you your lesson update or you can book a catch-up class at £39/hour.
  • Course book not included in the course fee. You can purchase it from us at £35.
  • New Polish courses start every month.
  • All courses run online until further notice.

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