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Polish for Dummies isn’t just a language book. Together with the essentials of Polish grammar and pronunciation, practical lessons teaching you phrases that make you sound fluent in Polish, it contains fun facts about Poland and Polish culture, handy references, tips, real-life dialogues, ways to speak Polish quickly, mini dictionary and tables with conjugations of most common Polish verbs.

The best selling author

Daria Gabryanczyk holds a degree in Teaching Modern Languages. She teaches Polish literature and Polish as a foreign language to schoolchildren, undergraduates and adults. Daria is a lecturer and an examiner for UK government institutions and London universities, as well as a publisher and a Polish Culture and Business trainer. She also runs a successful school of Polish -

Sample chapters:

Check out three sample chapters of the Polish for Dummies to see if you enjoy this learning style.


The fast and informal way to learn to speak Polish

Packed with practical lessons, cultural facts and handy references, this book gets you up and running with everything you need to start speaking Polish with confidence. Whether you want to chat with Polish friends at home or find a Thai restaurant while in Krakow, this easy–to–use book and audio CD help you wrap your tongue (and your head) around this tricky language in no time.

  • Jump in with both feet – start off with a quick primer on Polish pronunciation, grammar basics and the use of accents and inflections
  • Hit the ground running – practise speaking Polish in real–world situations
  • Take it on the road – be a confident visitor to Poland – from taking in a museum to getting through Customs; checking into a hotel to ordering a meal
  • Get down to business – get a handle on Polish business–speak and the specialised language of Polish office and worksite culture
  • Polish your Polish – sharpen your conversational Polish skills with the help of ′Talkin′ the Talk′ dialogues strategically placed throughout the book

Bonus CD includes

Over 30 Polish dialogues to help you get used to spoken Polish and perfect your pronunciation.Featuring a host of everyday words, sentences and conversations to speak aloud, this CD is an essential companion to the book.

Open the book and find:

  • The essentials of Polish pronunciation and grammar
  • Greetings, introductions, small talk and basic everyday conversation
  • All the Polish that travellers need to know
  • Fun facts about Poland and Polish culture
  • Ways to speak Polish quickly
  • Phrases that make you sound fluent in Polish
  • Polish/English mini–dictionary
  • Lists of Polish verbs with conjugations

Learn to:

  • Speak Polish on the go in a variety of everyday situations
  • Communicate confidently in Polish
  • Get to grips with Polish grammar and vocabulary
  • Perfect your pronunciation with the audio CD

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You can use Polish for Dummies as a reference book for your one-to-one lessons with a teacher or if you learn as part of a group. Check out Daria's website for more information on:

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