Dryn, dryn (Ring, ring) - answering the phone in Polish. January 10 2016, 0 Comments


Talking on the phone, especially in a foreign language can prove challenging. Let's learn how Poles answer the phone in Polish:

Halo? (There is no direct equivalent in English for halo)

Słucham? (literally: I'm listening)

You may also hear less common but definitely not infrequent: 

Proszę? (which you may already know as please, you're welcome or there you go)

Tak? (this one is very confusing as it translates to yes in English)

All of the above are pronounced with rising intonation, as in a question.


Now it's your turn to greet a person you're speaking to and introduce yourself:

Cześć! Mówi Marta. (Hi! It's Marta speaking)

or it's shorter version:

Cześć! Tu Adrian! (Hi! It's Adrian [here])


When you call a company in Poland you will hear the company name first, then the name of the person answering the phone followed by słucham? or w czym mogę pomóc? (how can I help you). Check out this example:

Poczta Polska, Sylwia Nowak, w czym mogę pomóc? (Polish Post Office, Sylwia Nowak, how can I help you?)

When speaking formally, you can use the following phrases to introduce yourself:

Dzień dobry. Mówi Maria Kowalska. (Hello. Maria Kowalska speaking)

Dobry wieczór. Piotr Malinowski z tej strony. (literally: Good evening. Piotr Malinowski at this end)

Do usłyszenia! (Literally: hear you later!)