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Learn how to say "I like" in Polish. July 09 2016, 0 Comments

I like

Let's learn how to say "I like" in Polish.


I bet you won't be surprised to learn that there is no single way of saying I like in Polish. In fact, there are two verbs which translate to I like - one being Lubię followed by a noun in the accusative case and the other Podoba mi się followed by the nominative case (oh, dear - those cases again!).

Use podoba mi się when you talk about your first positive impression on something as in these examples:

Bardzo mi się tu podoba. (I like it in here.) [You’ve never been here before.]


    Podoba mi się ten pomysł. (I like this idea.) [This is the first time you’ve heard this idea.]


      You can employ the other verb - lubię - when you’ve developed some positive feelings towards someone or something:

      Bardzo lubię to miejsce. (I like this place very much.) [You’ve probably been here a couple of times and you know it quite well.]


        Lubię Ankę. Jest bardzo sympatyczna. (I like Anka. She’s very nice.) [You most likely know her quite well.]


          Say podoba mi się when you refer to someone’s appearance or when you find someone attractive:

          Podoba mi się twoja nowa fryzura. (I like your new hair style.)


            Adam mi się bardzo podoba. (I like Adam very much/I find him very attractive.)


              Do you like Polish food? Great! You can then definitely use lubię when talking about your dietary preferences:

              Lubię polskie jedzenie. (I like Polish food.)


                Nie lubię pierogów. (I don’t like dumplings.)


                  Finally, use lubię when you talk about things you enjoy doing and do frequently, or you tend to do:

                  Bardzo lubię podróżować. (I like travelling a lot.)


                    Lubię chodzić na siłownię. (I enjoy going to the gym.)

                      On lubi się spóźniać. (He tends to be late.)


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