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Let me introduce ... - Learn how to present other people in Polish. December 09 2016, 0 Comments

Let me introduce myself. My name is Daria and I'm writing this blog to show you how to present other people in Polish.

As usually, certain situations call for a certain level of formality. When it comes to introducing others in a relaxed situation with your friends you just say the following: 

  • To (jest) moja dziewczyna, Anka. (This is my girlfriend, Anka) 
    • To (jest) mój chłopak, Maciek. (This is my boyfriend, Maciek)

      You can simply leave out the word jest in the above sentences and use a shorter version as in these examples:

      • To moja żona. (This is my wife)
        • To mój mąż. (This is my husband)
          • To moja koleżanka z pracy, Maria. (This is my [female] work colleague, Maria)
            • To mój kolega z pracy, Marcin. (This is my [male] work colleague, Marcin)
              • Poznaj mojego chłopaka. (Meet my boyfriend) - used when introducing someone to one person
                • Poznajcie moją żonę. (Meet my wife) - use it when you introduce someone to a group of people
                  • Czy wy się znacie? (Do you know each other?) - asking a group of people
                    • Kto to jest? (Who is this?)
                      • Znasz go?/Znasz ją? (Do you know him/Do you know her?)

                        Formal introductions look like the following:

                        • Chciałbym przedstawić naszego nowego dyrektora, pana Jana Nowickiego. (Let me introduce our new director, Mr. Jan Nowicki) - a man speaking
                          • Czy państwo się znają? (Do you know each other?) - speaking to a group of people

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