No way! - 7 phrases to express your disagreement in Polish. November 11 2016, 0 Comments

Let's now learn phrases you can use to disagree in Polish.

There are certain situation when you can no longer hold back but have to express your disagreement with what someone is saying. Here are expressions you can use to end the discussion:

  • Nie ma mowy! (No way) Literally it means something like no speaking/no saying
    • W żadnym wypadku! (In no case)
      • Absolutnie nie! (Absolutely not)
        • Nie zgadzam się! (I do not agree/I disagree)
          • Nie pozwalam ci tak myśleć. (I do not allow you to think so)
            • Zabraniam ci tak mówić. (I forbid you to say so)

            Us the following phrase for a more official situation like giving a formal disapproval of something:

            • Nie wyrażam zgody. (I do not allow/approve)

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