10 ways to ask for someone's telephone number in Polish November 05 2015, 0 Comments


There is no better way to learn, practice and develop your language skills than via phone conversations with native speakers. This is far more challenging than a normal, face-to-face conversation so take it step by step. Get started with learning how to ask for someone's telephone number in an informal way.

Możesz mi podać swój numer telefonu? (Can I have your telephone number, please? literally: Can you give me your telephone number?)

Podaj mi swój telefon komórkowy! (Literally: Give me your mobile number!)

Jaki masz numer komórki? (What's your mobile number?)

or it's longer but equally frequently used version:

Jaki masz mumer telefonu komórkowego? 

Czy możesz mi podać swój telefon stacjonarny/domowy/w pracy? (Can you give me your landline/home/work number, please?)

Remember! There is no need to say proszę as the equivalent of the English please in the above sentences. Saying them with a friendly intonation will turn them into polite questions.


Here is the most general way of requesting someone's phone number formally:

Czy mogę prosić o numer telefonu? (Can I have [your] phone number? literally: Can I ask for a telephone number?)

Follow these examples as for how to reveal your phone number to someone:

Mój numer to ... (My number is ...)

Niestety, nie pamiętam numeru telefonu w pracy. (Unfortunately, I don't remember my work number.)

Mam nowy telefon komórkowy i jeszcze nie pamiętam numeru. (I've got a new mobile phone and can't remember the new number yet.)

Zmieniłem/zmieniłam ostatnio numer komórki. Nowy numer to ... (I [man/woman] recently changed my mobile number. The new one is ...)



Next week you will learn how to answer the phone in Polish, introduce yourself and ask to speak to someone.