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Feeling under the weather - Learn 10 ways of saying you’re not well in Polish. October 15 2016, 0 Comments

Learn how to say you are not well in Polish.

Let's learn 10 Polish phrases to say you’re not well.

No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, you sometimes can’t help it but catch a cold. Here is how you talk about it in Polish:

    • Źle się czuję. (I’m not feeling well) literally: I’m feeling badly.
    • Jestem przeziębiony/Jestem przeziębiona. (I have a cold)
    • Wszystko mnie boli. (Everything hurts)
    • Mam katar. (I have a runny nose)
    • Mam kaszel. (I have a cough)
    • Mam dreszcze. (I’m shivering)
    • Mam temperaturę/gorączkę. (I have a temperature/fever).
    • Mam grypę. (I have flu)
    • Boli mnie głowa. (I have a head ache)
  • Jest mi niedobrze. (I feel sick)

Master the following expressions so that you can wish your friend a speedy recovery:

    • Życzę ci szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia! (I wish you a speedy recovery)
or it’s shorter version
  • Zdrowiej szybko! (Get well soon)

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