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Partying in Polish - learn 4 useful Polish phrases when having a party! August 28 2015, 0 Comments

Useful Polish phrases with audio, when having a party.


Here are some phrases you may find useful when talking about partying the Polish way:

Organizuję parapetówkę. Przyjdziesz?
I'm throwing a house-warming party. Will you (singular) come?

You certainly don't want to miss out on a Polish party (impreza) so you may respond with the following:

No jasne! No pewnie! / Będę na pewno!
Sure thing/!/I'll be there for sure!

It's good not to show up empty-handed so you can ask: 

Co mam przynieść?
What do you want me to bring?

And there are two more phrases you may find worth remembering:

Baw się dobrze!
Have fun!/Enjoy! singular

Już się nie mogę doczekać
I can't wait!

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