Can you repeat, please? December 10 2015, 1 Comment


Do you find Poles to be speaking fast and unclear?  You're among a typical complaint made by all people learning a foreign language! :)

Speaking on a busy road or over the phone does not make it any easier for you to understand what is being said. Don't get too stressed, though. Simply master a couple of can you repeat, please phrases in Polish and you'll be all sorted. And don't panic when you are asked to repeat your own message again - Poles may have similar difficulties to work out what you are saying.


The following expressions should help you to make out the words:

Przepraszam, nie rozumiem. (I'm sorry, I don't understand)

Przepraszam, ale nie słyszę. (I'm sorry, I can't hear you)

Możesz powtórzyć? (Can you repeat, please?) informal

Proszę powtórzyć. (Please repeat) formal

Czy może pan/pani powtórzyć? (Can you repeat, please?) speaking to  man/woman formally

Słucham? (Pardon?/Excuse me?)

Słabo cię/pana/panią słyszę. (I can't hear you very well) informal/formal to a man/woman

Proszę mówić wolno/wolniej. (Please speak slowly/more slowly) formal

Powiedz to innymi słowami, bo nie zrozumiałem/zrozumiałam. (Say it in different words because I didn't get it [man/woman speaking]) informal

Jestem obcokrajowcem i nie wszystko rozumiem. (I'm a foreigner and I don't understand everything)

Dopiero się uczę polskiego. (literally: I'm only learning Polish)