No problem! - Learn 10 ways of being helpful in Polish. September 27 2015, 0 Comments

Are you one of those people who are always eager to help? Great! The following phrases can help you to be helpful in Polish:

Nie ma sprawy and Nie ma problemu can be used interchangeably as they both mean the same thing - No problem/No big deal/That's fine.

Check out these mini dialogues:

A: Czy mogę pożyczyć twój samochód? (Can I borrow your car?)

B: Nie ma sprawy! (That's fine)

A: Czy możesz mi pomóc z remontem? (Can you help me with the renovation)?

B: Nie ma problemu! (No problem)


B: Oczywiście! (Of course) is also the one that can be used here.

Here are some more worth memorising, all meaning That's no trouble/No problem:

To żaden kłopot.

To nie kłopot.

To nie problem.

A: Czy mógłbyś mnie jutro zastąpić? (Could you [speaking to a man, informally] substitute for me tomorrow?)

B: Pewnie! To żaden kłopot. (Sure thing! That's no trouble)

When someone apologises to you for something, simply say

Nic nie szkodzi. (No worries/Not at all)

or, in an informal situation, respond by saying

Nie ma sprawy (No problem)

as in this example:

A: Nie mogłam wcześniej oddzwonić. Przepraszam. (I couldn't [a woman speaking] call you back sooner. I'm sorry).

B: Nic nie szkodzi. (Not at all)