Czarny kot(The black cat) - E-book (600 words)


About this Book

You only need to know 600 Polish words to read this book!

The book is a simplified version of the well known crime story "The black cat". It contains vocabulary boxes with English translations that will reduce the use of a dictionary. It has simple sentences, so that you can follow the plot easily. 

Czarny kot (original title "The black cat") is one of the well known crime stories by Edgar Allan Poe. 

The story is told by a man who is to die the following day. His last will is to reveal all the terrible events he witnessed the way he remembers them. He is unable to make any sense of what happened in his life but he is leaving this world hoping that at some point someone will get to understand it all.

What happened? What did the man do? What is the role of the black cat? Read our e-book to find out.

For those with strong nerves only!


About the Author

Daria Gabryanczyk has been teaching Polish to foreigners for almost a decade. She is a recognised Polish Language Examiner for the Ministry of Defence Language Examinations Board and University of Westminster. She works for high caliber customers such as the European High Commission, Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the University College London. She is also an author and publisher and runs a successful school of Polish.

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