Wampirzyca z hrabstwa Sussex (The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire) - E-book (600 words)

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About this Book

You only need to know 600 Polish words to read this book!

This book is a simplified version of the well known novel "The adventure of the Sussex Vampire". It contains vocabulary boxes with English translations that will reduce the use of a dictionary. It has simple sentences, so that you can follow the plot easily. 

"Wampirzyca z hrabstwa Sussex" (original title "The adventure of the Sussex Vampire") is one of the well known stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes investigates the mysterious case of a wife suspected by her husband of being a vampire. As absurd as it may seem, the great detective decides to take up this mysterious case and reveal a family dark secret.

Read our e-book to find out who and why is sucking the baby's blood!

About the Author

Daria Gabryanczyk has been teaching Polish to foreigners for almost a decade. She is a recognised Polish Language Examiner for the Ministry of Defence Language Examinations Board and University of Westminster. She works for high caliber customers such as the European High Commission, Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the University College London. She is also an author and publisher and runs a successful school of Polish.

About Polish Easy Readers Series

Are you learning the Polish Language and would like to start reading in Polish?

Polish Easy Readers are simplified text of well known novels, plays, short stories etc. They have vocabulary boxes with English translations that will reduce the use of a dictionary. They have simple sentences so that you can follow the plot easily. Each book has a level description and number of headwords.

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